Terms & Conditions

HarbourClick, a subsidiary brand of BeMyGuest FZ-LLC (hereinafter called as the “Company” or “We” or “HarbourClick”) maintains the website (hereinafter called as the "Site"). BeMyGuest FZ-LLC is registered and resides at In5 Tech, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, U.A.E.

The following are the terms of use which are the legal agreement that governs the use of the Site (hereinafter called as the "Terms of Use") and/or use of any services (hereinafter called as the "Services") directly or indirectly provided on the Site. By using the Site and/or Services you (the registered user or the guest, hereinafter called as the “Customer” or “You”) expressly agree and accept to be bound by these Terms of Use and the privacy policy and to follow these Terms of Use and all applicable laws and regulations governing use of the Site. The Company reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, effective & immediately upon posting on the Site. It is the Customer’s responsibility to visit the Terms and Conditions page periodically. If you violate these Terms of Use, the Company may terminate your use of the Site & bar you from your future use of the Site and/or take appropriate legal action against you. By using the Site and/ or Services you understand and agree that you are fully responsible and liable in person for any claims resulting from the usage of the Site or any Services.

LIMITED LICENSE. You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable license to utilize and access the Site pursuant to the requirements and restrictions of these Terms of Use. The Company may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Site at any time. The Company may also, without notice or liability, impose limits on certain features and services or restrict your access to all or some sections of the Site. You shall have no rights to the proprietary software and related documentations, if any of it was, provided to you in order to access the Site except as provided in the Terms of Use, you shall have no right to own, use, loan, sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, assign, copy, translate, modify, adapt, improve, or create any new or derivative works from, or display, distribute, perform, or in any way exploit the Site, or any of its contents (including software) in whole or in part, directly or indirectly.

1. Scope of services:

1.1. The Site is an online booking platform where the Customer can make a booking for the specified period of time for rental of boats, motorboats, yachts and any other kind of vessels (hereinafter called “Vessels”) that are posted on the Site by the lawful entities which are the lawful and beneficial owners of the Vessels, or duly authorized by the lawful and beneficial owner of these and have the exclusive right for using and posting (advertising) the Vessels on the Site for a purpose of booking (hereinafter called as the “Charter Companies”). Every Vessel listed on the Site has detailed information, description, photos and a rent price for the specified period of time provided by Charter Companies.

1.2. By using the Services the Customer expressly agrees and accepts that the Customer enters into a direct contractual relationship with Charter Companies. The Customer also accepts and agrees with all terms and conditions of a Charter Company that is providing specific Vessel for the Customer for booking.

1.3. From the moment when the Customer makes a booking, Company acts solely as an intermediary between the Customer and the Charter Company - transmitting the payment paid by the Customer and details of the Customer’s booking to the relevant Charter Company - for specific vessel reserved by the Customer and sending a confirmation email to the Customer for and on behalf of the Charter Company.

1.4. All information about Vessels that are posted on the Site is provided to us by the Charter Companies and they are fully responsible for updating all the information such as availability of Vessels, rates, pictures of Vessels and other information regarding the Vessels and Charter Companies displayed on the Site.

1.5. The Company performs its best in maintenance of the Site but we cannot guarantee that all information provided by Charter Companies is correct and complete. The Customer accepts and agrees that the Company will not be responsible for any actions performed by the Customer and/or by the Charter Companies regarding the use of Services and/or the use of Vessels.

1.6. Please note, that HarbourClick does not itself offer, perform or participate in boat charters or rental services. Instead, HarbourClick offers a service allowing boat owners and those interested in bareboat chartering boats to connect and transact directly with each other. While it is HarbourClick’s intention to facilitate successful transactions and assist with the resolution of any related disputes, HarbourClick does not guarantee the quality, safety, truth accuracy or adequacy of Charter Companies.

HarbourClick is not the owner, operator, broker, manager, repairer, insurer, renter, licensor of any of the Vessels and HarbourClick possesses no legal interest in any of the Vessels listed on the Site. HarbourClick’s responsibilities are strictly limited to: facilitating the availability of the Site, and serving in the limited capacity as a pay agent of each Charter Company for the purpose of accepting payments from Customer on behalf of the Charter Company.

By accessing or using HarbourClick, you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and to the collection and use of your information as set forth in the HarbourClick’s Privacy Policy whether or not you are a registered user of HarbourClick. You are further agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and you are also agreeing to be bound by all related agreements, documents policies and rules described herein and incorporated by reference.

If You do not agree to be bound by all the terms of this Agreement, You are not authorized to access HarbourClick.

2. Prices and Payments

2.1. Charter Companies provide Vessels for booking on the Site on an hourly, daily or weekly rate basis.

2.2. All prices displayed on the Site for the booking of Vessels are set up by the Company.

2.3. All prices displayed on the Site are final. Discounts can and may be applied by entering promotional codes, generated by The Company. After a Customer has made the booking, the rate that Second Party has set for this booking may not and will not be changed. Second Party will be liable for defining the rate of each Vessel and any additional charges that may exist. It is Customer’s responsibility to carefully check all terms and details before making a booking order.

2.4. For Vessels booking through the Site you should make payments through the Site. Company accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard (hereinafter called as the “Merchant”) debit and credit cards (hereinafter called as the “Card”) only in United Arab Emirates Dirhams for its services. It can be displayed as equivalent of the transaction amount in different currencies, however, listed equivalents are for information purposes only. In case the Customer has the Card in different currency, the amount will be converted according to a Customer’s bank’s applicable exchange rate. The displayed price selected by the Customer, will be the same price charged to the Card and printed on the Transaction Receipt. All online purchases are also regulated by the terms and conditions of respective merchant service providers. Please review respective merchant service provider’s user agreement and privacy policy before proceeding with any transaction.

2.5. You agree and accept that you shall be required to make a full payment for a Vessel you are booking or reserving as displayed on the Site. Such payment is obligatory for a booking of all kinds of Vessels posted in on the Site by Charter Companies. The payment for all the additional chargeable options (if any) is done in cash directly to a Charter Company.

2.6. The Site uses both Availability Request and Instant Booking payment processing systems. If Charter Company operates under the Availability Request System, the booking would proceed as following - Customer sends an availability request through Site to the Charter Company, that has to be confirmed within a period of 24 hours. If it is not, the request is automatically deemed unsuccessful. If the Charter Company confirms the availability of The Vessel, the Company will send the Customer an invoice, that he or she has to pay for, in order to get the booking confirmation. If Charter Company operates under the Instant Booking System, the booking would proceed as following - after choosing the exact date, time, duration and the Vessel, Customer will be able to determine the availability of said Vessel in real time. If the said Vessel is available, Customer is able to proceed with the booking, by entering all the necessary information to complete the payment.

2.7. Before making the payment the Customer has to provide all the correct required information. The Company does not take any responsibility for the incorrect information provided by the customer.

2.8. After successfully completing a payment, the Customer will receive a payment confirmation (Transaction Receipt) and booking confirmation on an e-mail address within 1 hour.

2.9. In case of an unsuccessful payment, the Customer will be notified immediately – while still being on a payment page.

2.10. If you make a payment for our products or services on our website, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment provider via secured connection.

2.11. If the Customer does not receive any payment confirmation and/or booking confirmation details on an e-mail address within 1 hour, the Customer has to immediately contact the Company.

2.12. The Customer has to retain a copy of transaction records.

2.13. These Terms of Use supersede all other written and oral communications or agreements with regard to the subject matters discussed in these Terms of Use. A waiver or modification of these Terms of Use will only be effective if made in writing signed by an authorized manager of the Company.

3. Cancellation and refund policy

3.1. In case the Customer decides to cancel the booking, the corresponding booking order must be canceled as well.

3.2. The Customer can cancel the booking at any time.

3.3. After the Customer cancels the booking on a booking cancellation page, the corresponding booking is officially cancelled.

3.4. Depending on the country of operation, booking duration, Charter Company or any other determinative factors, we abide by the following cancellation policy in most cases:

3.4.1. 100% refund 2 days (48 hours) or more before the scheduled time of a trip. The booking is non-refundable within a period of 2 days (48 hours) before the scheduled time of a trip. Additional 5% of a booking total price will be charged to the customer as a HarbourClick processing fee.

3.5. The cancellation policy for each boat is being determined by the service provider, and will be available for the Customer to familiarize with on the boat’s page and in the confirmation email.

3.6. All the purchases of chargeable options are deemed nonrefundable from the moment the booking is finalized.

3.7. can supersede the cancellation policy rules/fees if certain extenuating (Force Majeure) circumstances can be shown. For the following extenuating circumstances, the Customer will receive a 100% refund. Either party is able to cancel by contacting the Customer/ Company/Charter Company to provide documentation to support the cancellation. Extenuating circumstances are defined in the article 21 of these Terms & Conditions.

3.8. All refunds will be made only to the original mode of payment.

4. Company’s rights and obligations

4.1. The Company provides and maintains an online booking platform, which the Customer can use for a purpose of booking Vessels posted by Charter Companies.

4.2. The Company maintains the Site’s automatic system that receives the booking order from the Customer made through the Site and notifies Charter Companies.

4.3. The Company is not a contracting agent or representative of Customers or Charter Companies and shall not act as a contracting agent or representative of neither Customers nor Charter Companies and shall not have any responsibility as a contracting agent or representative of Customers or Charter Companies.

4.4. The Company is not responsible for the exact and compliant performance or the incorrect performance or the non-performance of those services that are a part of the application area of the agreement between the Customer and Charter Companies.

4.5. Before posting any Vessels by the Charter Companies on the Site, the Company will check their compliance with the Company’s Terms and Conditions. However, the Company is not able to verify the information listed by the Charter Companies and holds no responsibility if the information provided by Charter Companies is wrong or not accurate.

5. Customer’s rights and obligations

5.1. The Customer can make a booking through the Site for a specific Vessel that is posted on the Site by a Charter Company for a specific period of time. By visiting the Site, the Customer represents, warrants and covenants that (a) for the registration procedure on the Site and use of Services the Customer is at least 18 years old; (b) that all materials of any kind submitted by the Customer to the Company through the Site or for inclusion on the Site will not be plagiarized, violated or infringed upon the rights of any third-party including trade secret, copyright, trademark, trade dress, privacy, patent, or other personal or proprietary rights. The Customer using the website, who is minor/under the age of 18 shall not register on the Site and shall not transact on the Site and shall not use any Services.

5.2. After booking a Vessel on the Site the Customer enters into direct contractual relationships with the particular Charter Company, that takes all further responsibilities for providing specific Vessel and services for the Customer on agreed terms. We are not the party in such legal relationships and we shall not be bound by Charter Companies’ Terms and Conditions.

5.3. The Customer understands and agrees that the legal agreement regulating each specific booking is between the Customer and a Charter Company. We are not the party in such legal relationships.

5.4. By booking a Vessel the Customer agrees to Company’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cancellation and Refund Policies and other Company’s Terms of Use and to all Terms and Conditions of particular Charter Company that is providing a Vessel for the Customer.

5.5. To book a Vessel the Customer has to make a full payment to the Charter Company through the Site via a Payment Provider (the respective third party, who processes the credit card transactions on behalf of the Merchant).

5.6. As a Customer, you are responsible for leaving the Vessel in the condition it was in when you arrived. You acknowledge and agree that, as a Customer, you are responsible for your own acts and omissions and are also responsible for the acts and omissions of any individuals who you invite to, or otherwise provide access to the Vessel. In the event that a Charter Company claims otherwise and provides evidence of damage, including but not limited to, photographs, you agree to pay the cost of replacing the damaged items with equivalent items.

5.7. Any damage to, loss or theft of the Vessel and/or its equipment occurring prior to the Charter Company’s inspection of the Vessel at the end of the trip shall be the responsibility of the Customer If any of the Vessel’s equipment is stolen or lost as a result of the Vessel being left unlocked or unsecured during the trip, the Customer shall be deemed responsible for the loss and shall cooperate fully with the Charter Company, HarbourClick, police or other authorities with respect to any required report.

5.8. It is a felony to fail to return a rental boat within a certain period of time after the rental period has expired. The following conduct may result in the Vessel you have chartered being reported as stolen to law enforcement, possibly subjecting you and any other person in possession of the Vessel to civil and/or criminal penalties and/or insurance coverage being voided:

-if you fail to return the Vessel you have chartered at the time and place specified in the booking confirmation;

-if the Vessel is returned to any place other than the one it departed from;

-if you misrepresent material facts to the Charter Company pertaining to your trip, use, or operation of the Vessel;

-if the Vessel is operated by anyone who has given a false name, false address, false or invalid driver’s license, driver’s license that becomes invalid during the period of your trip;

-if the Vessel is operated by anyone who has obtained the keys without the permission of the Charter Company or a Customer, misrepresents or withholds facts t/from the Charter Company or HarbourClick material to the trip, use or operation of the Vessel, if the Vessel is navigated beyond the navigational limits set forth in the Vessel’s insurance policy, other provisions relating to the theft of the Vessel and/or equipment.

5.9. If during your trip you witness or experience inappropriate (offensive, violent, sexually abusive) behavior or an act of stealing from you or anybody else on board, you should immediately report it to the appropriate authorities and then to HarbourClick, provided that your report will not obligate us to take any action beyond that required by law (if any) or cause us to incur any liability to you.

5.10. The Customer obliges to keep the Company and the Company’s employees, representatives, agents and affiliates, recouped against all claims, actions, costs, expenses, including legal costs and legal expenses, suffered by the Company against any damage, loss or liability (whether civil or criminal) suffered by the Company resulting from any act disregard or default of the Customer or Customer’s employees or agents or breach of any of these Terms and Conditions or any other Terms and Conditions regarding the Services or breach of legislation regarding the Services.

6. Charter Companies’ rights and obligations

6.1. Charter Companies are fully responsible for all information that is posted on the Site regarding Charter Companies’ Vessels, including but not limited to rates, availability, Charter Companies’ Terms and Conditions, etc.

6.2. Charter Company is to post a booking price, Vessel information, photos and other necessary materials on the Site.

6.3. Charter Company is to set Cancellation, Pets, Kids, Required ID and Re-embarkation (if any) policies in the dedicated section of their profile on the Site.

6.4. Charter Company has to provide its own services to the Customer according to the Customer’s booking order in a professional and proper way.

6.5. Charter Companies guarantee and undertake that they are the lawful and beneficial owners of the Vessels, or duly authorized by the lawful and beneficial owner of these and have the exclusive usage and offering rights, guarantee and undertake that they hold all licenses, insurances and other documents required by the legislation for Vessel usage.

7. General Check In Procedures

7.1. Upon takeover of the vessel, the Client makes the entire inspection of the vessel and signs the Check-In list as a confirmation that no damages occurred on the vessel (including underwater part of the vessel) before the boarding. By signing the Check-In list the Customer confirms he/she is familiar with the house rules, available in the documents of each vessel.

7.2. The Customer is obliged to pay a security deposit to the Service Provider (if not stated otherwise) upon the date of Check-In to cover any damage or loss that can occur during the charter, and is not covered by the vessel's insurance. The deposit is payable in cash or by credit card. The deposit will be returned in full to the Customer once Service Provider’s base staff have confirmed that the vessel has been returned on time and to the agreed place, is clean (in compliance with house rules) and is in good condition with a full fuel tank, and the Check Out list has been signed by skipper. In the event of the damages covered by the insurance policy and the amount of repair exceeding the deposit amount, the Service Provider will retain the entire deposit and issue the additional invoice to the Customer. If the Customer does not accept the vessel within 24 hours of the agreed time without prior notification, the Service Provider reserves the right to terminate the contract with no further claims against them by the Customer. Service Provider’s liability for any amount higher than agreed charter price and for any other claim for compensation of damages is excluded. When Checking In, the Customer is obliged to carefully inspect the vessel and its equipment, and certify that the condition of inventory and equipment is in compliance with the Check In list.

7.3. The Client must submit any complaints regarding the state of the vessel or the equipment in writing before taking over the vessel. The Service Provider will not accept liability for any claim or price reduction arising from the hidden defects and deficiencies of vessel and/or equipment at the time of embarkation and regular maintenance of the vessel as well as for deficiencies and failures that may occur after the time of boarding, that could not been foreseen or prevented by the Service Provider.

7.4. Upon Check In of the Customer, the vessel will have all valid documents as well as other annexes from the vessel's folder available on board. The Customer undertakes to take exceptionally good care of the aforementioned documents and return them when checking out. Any complaint about the received documentation has to be submitted in writing by the Customer, prior to the takeover of the vessel. The Customer is obliged to return them to the reception desk when checking out.

8. General Check Out Procedures

8.1. The Customer is obliged to return the vessel in good condition. The damage compensation will be executed in case of property negligence and failure to comply with the house rules. If during the charter period, sailing for any reason is not possible and/or a delay in return of the vessel is inevitable, the Customer must inform the base manager and the Service Provider, requesting further instructions. Unfavorable weather conditions cannot justify delays in bringing the vessel back. In the event of the eventual delay, not caused by technical defects on the vessel, the Customer can be charged for the collateral damage caused by the delay. In the event of the return of the vessel is made to other port than the one agreed in the beginning, the Customer is liable for the cost of transferring the vessel to the agreed port, a penalty charge for the delayed return (if there is one) and any damage that may have resulted from the transfer and is not covered by the vessel's insurance. Service Provider is entitled to deduct all the costs arising from the delay or transfer of the vessel primarily from the security deposit. If the costs exceed the amount of security deposit, the Customer is obliged to pay the rest. The Customer is obliged to notify the representative of Service Provider about any defects or damage. If the damage is beneath the waterline, or is assumed to be beneath the waterline of the vessel, it is necessary to inspect the vessel in detail, either by the intervention of professional divers or using a vessel crane. The Customer is to be charged for all the associated costs.

8.2. The Customer agrees with and declares:

- to send to the Service Provider the complete crew list, with the full names, addresses, dates and places of birth, citizenship, and the type and number of valid identification documents, along with a valid skipper license, no less than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the charter period;

- to be in possession of valid travel documents. Customer bears any costs relating to loss or theft of documents during the period of the charter;

- to carefully read all written documentation on board;

- to sail in a safe and responsible manner (never under the influence of alcohol or narcotics) and to handle all gear and equipment with care and attention;

- to sail only within the territorial waters of the country you started your charter in. Sailing outside territorial waters of the country you started the charter in is permitted only if a signed permit is obtained from the Service Provider, along with all the other necessary and related documents;

- to sail only in safe weather conditions and good visibility, and to avoid dangerous areas;

- to adjust sailing to the weather conditions and the ability of the crew;

- to never leave port of anchorage if the vessel or its equipment essential to the safety of navigation is not functional;

- to never leave the port if port authorities have imposed a prohibition of sailing, i.e. have placed a ban on departure or in case of insufficient fuel supplies;

- to limit the number of people on board to not more than the maximum number for that type of the vessel, and to ensure only people on the crew list are allowed on board;

- not to participate in regattas or races without first acquiring a written permit from the Service Provider;

- not to tow another vessel and to undertake all necessary measures to avoid a situation in which a chartered vessel is to be towed;

- to accept financial responsibility for any liability Service Provider may have towards third parties that was caused by Customer’s, or the charter party’s negligence or omission;

- to accept responsibility for violating any rules of navigation or other laws and regulations during the charter period (this responsibility does not expire after the charter period is over);

- to immediately notify the Service Provider of any breakdown, accident or damage to the vessel, to record the event, register the incident at the nearest Harbour Master's Office and request a verified report from the Harbour Master, doctor or other competent authority;

- to accept the full financial responsibility for any damage caused by negligence or omission, which is not covered by the insurance and for which the Service Provider is liable to the third party;

- to immediately notify the Service Provider and competent authorities in the event of disappearance of the vessel or its equipment, the vessel not being fit for navigation, seizure of the vessel or the implementation of cruising limits by government authorities or third parties. In this case, the Customer has to request a copy of the police report;

- to accept full responsibility in case of seizure of the vessel by the competent state authorities due to unauthorized or illegal acts committed during the charter period;

- to accept responsibility in the event of serious pollution of the sea during refueling or due to inappropriate disposal of waste;

- to accept responsibility for all actions or omissions of passengers on board according to registered passenger list, as well as any other persons not registered but allowed on board by the Customer;

- to bear full material and criminal responsibility for actions contrary to agreed liabilities.

8.3. The Customer who assumes the function of the skipper must have the competence and skills required to navigate the vessel safely, along with a license for open sea sailing and a GMDSS Radio Operator's License. If the Client does not possess the required competence, skills and licenses for navigating the vessel, he/she warrants that the vessel is operated by the member of his crew, who has such qualification. The Service Provider reserves the right to ask the Customer or the appointed skipper of the vessel to demonstrate his/her competence and skills at sea, in the presence of the its representative. The time required for the demonstration is part of the agreed charter period. If during this demonstration the representative of the Service Provider determines that the Customer or the skipper appointed by the Customer does not have sufficient competence, experience and/or a valid license for navigation, the Service Provider will provide the crew with an official skipper at an extra cost. If the Customer refuses to accept the appointed skipper, the Service Provider reserves the right to prohibit departure of the vessel, cancel the trip and to retain the full paid amount. In these circumstances, any amounts paid will not be refunded. If the Customer knows in advance that a skippered vessel will be required, he/she must inform the Service Provider at the time of the booking. The security deposit is required when chartering a vessel with a skipper.

9. Vessel Insurance

9.1. The vessel carries third party damage and liability insurance (compulsory insurance). Comprehensive insurance for the vessel is provided in the amount of the vessel’s value as it is recorded in the insurance policy. The comprehensive insurance covers damage above the amount of the security deposit, but not the damages caused intentionally or by negligence. The Service Provider shall have no liability for loss or damage to personal effects of the Customer, or other passengers and crew members, nor is Service Provider responsible for any personal effects of third parties left on board, the company vehicle, or within the offices of a Service Provider. Upon making the advance payment and accepting the Terms And Condition, the Customer waives all damage claims towards the Service Provider for loss or damage to personal or third party effects. In the event of loss or damage, the Service Provider must be notified immediately. In the event of a more serious incident, or the participation of more than one vessel, the Client shall notify the competent Harbour Master's Office, and request the necessary documents for the insurers. In case the damages covered by the insurance policy are not immediately reported to the Service Provider, competent bodies and the insurance providers, or in case the necessary documentation has not been submitted on time, they would not be acknowledged in accordance with the terms of insurance and and would need to be covered by the Customer. In case of damage to the vessel covered by the insurance policy, Customer is obliged to cover all costs in accordance with the existing comprehensive insurance conditions only up to the amount of a security deposit. Customer is liable for the cost of all damages to the vessel and/or equipment caused by him/her or his/her party’s negligence or misuse and/or loss of one or more parts of the equipment.

9.2. The sails are not insured. The Customer is liable for any cost incurred for damage to the sails. The Customer shall have no liability for reasonable wear and tear of sails and for any damage to the sails caused by breaking of the mast. The deposit insurance policy does not include damage to the sails, damages to or loss of inflatable boat and outboard engine(s).

9.3. The Customer is financially liable for any defect or damage to the vessel that occurs during the charter period and that is not related to the vessel’s depreciation. Before making any repairs or purchases, the Customer will contact the Service Provider and reach an agreement on the technical feasibility of the repair and the manner of payment. The Service Provider is financially liable for any loss or damage that occurs during the charter period and which is caused by reasonable wear and tear of the vessel and its equipment. The Customer must obtain the approval of the Service Provider prior to initiating any repairs in order to agree on the technical and financial aspects of the repair. The Customer will pay for the repairs on site and keep the invoices in order to be refunded in full upon return to the base.

9.4. The Customer will immediately notify the Service Provider of any defects or damage regardless of their cause. If the base of the Service Provider is not able to arrive and immediately eliminate the damages occurred, the Service Provider will personally eliminate those damages, or instruct the Customer to engage the third party to eliminate the damages occurred. Prior to the repair of the damage by the third party, the Service Provider must certify the manner of execution of repair and its cost. After the Service Provider approves the agreed cost and the manner of execution of the repair, the Customer is authorized to settle the cost of the repair on behalf of the Service Provider. The Customer is required to keep the paid invoice. In the event of any damage or failure due to the age or deterioration of the vessel, the Service Provider is obliged to refund the amount paid to the Customer. Any unauthorized repairs or changes to the gear and equipment will be charged to the Customer.

10. Site operation

10.1. United Arab Emirates is our Country of Domicile. The Company controls this Site from U.A.E. The Company makes no representation that this Site is appropriate for use in other

locations. If you use this Site from other locations, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with local laws. You may not use, export or re-export any materials from this Site in violation of any applicable laws or regulations, including, but not limited to any U.A.E export laws and regulations.

11. Applicable law and language

11.1. The Laws of the United Arab Emirates shall govern the use of the Site and the Terms of Use, without regard to conflict of laws principles. All disputes arising in connection therewith shall be heard only by a court of competent jurisdiction in U.A.E.

11.2. All disputes and differences arising out of this Terms and Conditions or in relation to any transaction covered by this Terms and Conditions or otherwise affecting the relationship of the

Customer with the Company shall be settled amicably. The Customer accepts and agrees that the Company cannot hold legal responsibility for any actions and/or inactions occurred while using the Site and/or using the Services and/or using the Vessels. The Company has the right to start appropriate legal actions against the Customer if the Customer violates these Terms of Use.

11.3. All disputes and differences arising out of this Terms and Conditions or in relation to any transaction covered by this Terms and Conditions or for any actions and/or inactions occurred by the Customer and/or the Charter Companies regarding usage of the Site and/or usage of the Services and/or usage of Vessels or otherwise affecting the relationship of the Customer with the Charter Companies shall be settled between the Customer and the Charter Companies. If the settlement does not become feasible, the matter shall be referred to the competent court of United Arab Emirates and the applicable law shall be of United Arab Emirates law.

11.4. If there are versions of any part of the Terms and Conditions which are written in more than one language, the version which is in English shall prevail.

11.5. The language for all written communications shall be English.

12. Office foreign assets control (OFAC) sanctioned countries

12.1. The Company will not trade with or provide any services to individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, OFAC targeted countries AND individuals, groups, and entities, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under the OFAC programs that are not country specific.

13. Permitted use

13.1. You agree that you are only authorized to visit, view and to retain a copy of pages of this Site for your own personal use, and you shall not duplicate, download, publish, modify or otherwise distribute the material on this Site for any purpose other than for personal use, unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Company to do so. You also agree not to deep-link to the site for any purpose, unless specifically authorized by the Company to do so. The content and software on this Site is the property of the Company. The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.

14. Customer’s account

14.1. If you use the Company Site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your account from any devices, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. The Site shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of, or in connection with, your failure to comply with this section.

15. No commercial use

15.1. This Site may not be used by you for any commercial purposes such as conducting sales of merchandise or additional services of any kind. You must obtain the Company’s prior written consent to make commercial offers of any kind on the Site, whether by advertising, solicitations, links, or any other form of communication. The Company will investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending communication from the Site and barring such violators from Site usage.

16. Links and search results

16.1. The Site may automatically produce search results that reference and/or link to third party sites throughout the World Wide Web. The Company has no control over these sites or the content within them. The Company does not guarantee, represent or warrant that the content contained in the sites is accurate, legal and/or inoffensive. The Company does not endorse the content of any third party site, nor does it make any representation or warranty about these sites, including that they will not contain viruses or otherwise impact your computer. By using the Site to search for or link to another site, you agree and understand that you may not make any claim against the Company for any damages or losses, whatsoever, resulting from your use of the Site to obtain search results or to link to another site.

17. Copyright policy

17.1. The Company may terminate the privileges of any user who uses this Site to unlawfully transmit copyrighted material without a license, express consent, valid defence or fair use exemption to do so. If you submit information to this Site, you warrant that the information does not infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties.

18. Intellectual property

18.1. Although the Company is not responsible for the content, quality or accuracy of data provided by users, compilations of such data, text, information and other materials made available to users through the Company’s system, any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other materials posted by the Company and displayed on the Site (hereinafter called as the “Online Materials”) are the Company’s intellectual property, and are protected by U.A.E and international intellectual property laws. The Online Materials may not be copied or redistributed either in whole or in part without prior written consent of the Company, except as expressly and specifically permitted under these Terms of Use.

18.2. The Online Materials are and will remain the exclusive property of the Company. All rights, titles and interests in and to Online Materials will remain vested solely in the Company. Under no circumstances will you have any right, directly or indirectly, to own, use, copy, loan, sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, redistribute, assign or otherwise convey the Online Materials, or any rights thereto, except as expressly and specifically provided in the Terms of Use. Nothing in these Terms of Use will convey to you any right, title or interest, except that of a license with the express rights and subject to all limitations herein. Nothing in these Terms of Use grants you the right, directly or indirectly, to use the Online Materials to create a product for resale or to use the Online Materials in any way that competes with the Company.

18.3. You acknowledge and agree that the Company will own all rights, titles and interests in and to any copy, translation, modification, adaptation, derivative work or improvement of the Online Materials made by or for you. At the Company’s request, you must execute, or obtain the execution of, any instrument that may be necessary to assign these rights, titles or interests to the Company or perfect these rights, titles or interests in the Company’s name.



20. Violation of terms of use

20.1. You understand and agree that in the Company’s sole discretion, and without prior notice, the Company may terminate your access to the Site, or exercise any other remedy available and remove any unauthorized user information, if the Company believes that the information you provide has violated or is inconsistent with these Terms of Use, or violates the rights of the Company, or any third party, or violates the law. You agree that monetary damages may not provide a sufficient remedy to the Company for violations of these Terms of Use and you consent to injunctive or other equitable relief for such violations. The Company may release user information about you if required by law or subpoena.

21. Indemnity

21.1. You agree to indemnify and hold the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents and other partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of or relating to your use of the Site, including also your use of the Site to provide a link to another site or to upload content or other information to the Site, or your breach of the Terms of Use.

22. License granted to you

22.1. By providing materials to the Company, including submitting or uploading content or materials for use on the Site you represent and warrant that you or the owner of all rights to such content or materials has expressly granted the Company an irrevocable world-wide right in all languages and in perpetuity to use and exploit all or any part of the content and materials provided by you. The Company may publish and distribute any such submitted content or materials at its sole discretion by any method now existing or later developed. You agree that you shall waive all claims and have no recourse against the Company for any alleged or actual infringement or misappropriation of any proprietary rights in any communication, content or material submitted to the Company. Any communication or materials you send to the Company will be treated as non- confidential and non-proprietary and may be disseminated or used by the Company for any purpose, including, but not limited to, developing, creating, manufacturing or marketing products or services.

23. Advertising

23.1. The Site may contain advertisements and/or sponsorships. The advertisers and/or sponsors that provide these advertisements and sponsorships are solely responsible for ensuring that the materials submitted for inclusion on the Site are accurate and comply with all applicable laws. The Company is not responsible for the acts or omissions of any advertiser or sponsor.

24. Force majeure

24.1. The Company will not be responsible or liable for any changes caused by force majeure circumstances. Force majeure circumstances are defined as following:

-a booking is within 150 miles of a named or numbered storms;

-safety related cancellations stemming from the event of lightning, thunderstorms, heavy rain, or heavy wind within eight (8) hours or the time the of the scheduled rental;

-Coast Guard restriction (UAE and Oman only);

-death in the family;

-natural disaster;

-political unrest;

-an issue with the boat that causes your rental to end prematurely is deemed to be the responsibility of the owner. For such occurrences when the vessel is hired for multiple days a cancellation will be processed, pro rata, for the remainder of the rental if the condition is not fixed within 20% of the total remaining rental time, calculated from the first tender of notice to the owner regarding the condition, which has made the vessel inoperable;

-owner cancellation, no-show, or no access to the boat.

25. Severability

25.1. In event if any provisions of these Terms and Conditions are deemed to be void, invalid or unenforceable that provision shall be severed from the remaining part. The remaining provisions shall nevertheless continue in full force and effect.

25.2. Headings & section titles in this Agreement are for convenience and do not define, limit, or extend any provision of this Agreement.

26. Signature

By accessing or using HarbourClick, you signify you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and to the collection and use of your information as set forth in the HarbourClick Privacy Policy whether or not you are a registered user of HarbourClick.



HarbourClick is your online portal for worldwide yacht charter of all kinds including - powerboats, sailboats, houseboats and catamarans - whether it's budget or luxury. HarbourClick also offers you the ability to charter your own vessels, to earn extra income.

HarbourClick is your online portal for worldwide yacht charter of all kinds including - powerboats, sailboats, houseboats and catamarans - whether it's budget or luxury. HarbourClick also offers you the ability to charter your own vessels, to earn extra income.


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